I’ve recently upgraded to an Ipad Air.  It’s been a wonderful addition to my therapy toolkit.  Little and not so little clients have enjoyed working amongst the apps, with plenty of vigorous hand swiping, palm placing and finger pointing taking place during sessions.  For the most part, the iPad accepts these gestures and play is undisturbed.  However, there have been occasions where an errant swipe has seen an unexpected return to the home screen and disruption to our flow.  I’d been meaning to find out how to lock the screen within an app so that little hands can’t navigate away from our focus.

Today I figured out how to enable ‘Guided Access’. Jump into Settings – General – Accessibility – Guided Access. All you then need do is triple-click the home button when you’re in an app you want to run and the session will begin. The same triple-click disables the function.  

To find out more, Apple step it out here: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht5509