It’s Speech Pathology Week!

From August 22 until August 28 2021 Active Speech Pathology is celebrating Speech Pathology Week. This is a week where speech pathologists across Australia promote the work we do and spread the word about our wider profession. 

This year the message we are sharing is “Communication is everyone’s right”. We as speech pathologists know how important the ability to communicate is, and this week we are working to spread the word that communication is a basic human right. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted this more so than in any other year. 

Here are some facts about communication in Australia: 

  • 1.2 million Australians live with communication disability 
  • Communication disability is largely unseen or invisible
  • Confident communication helps maximise educational, health and social outcomes
  • Communication is more than just speech. It’s language (verbal and non-verbal) and literacy as well. 

We work everyday with our clients and their families to help make sure that communication is everyone’s right! 

Help us spread the word about communication and Pay it Forward by posting on your social about Speech Pathology Week using the hashtags #SPweek or #SpeechPathologyWeek.