At Active Speech Pathology, we want to help parents access ongoing child speech pathology and our client care team is here to make that as easy as possible.  By providing families with a number of options for payments and processes, we can assist families to access therapy in a way which suits their needs.

All of our speech pathologists are registered with Speech Pathology Australia (that’s why you’ll read CPSP after our names) and have Medicare provider numbers. This means for eligible services, you may be able to claim with your private health fund, depending on your level of extras cover.

What Speech Pathology services are covered?

The most common services accessed by families with private health for speech pathology are as follows:

  • Initial individual consultation/assessment 45-90mins – 320
  • Subsequent individual consultation/assessment/treatment up to 45 minutes – 340
  • Subsequent individual consultation/assessment/treatment 46 – 90 minutes – 350
  • Group treatment 46 – 90 minutes – 380

You can also access Telehealth speech pathology item codes here.

When you make an initial enquiry, our client care team will help to determine which appointment type would be best suited for your child’s needs.  Our team will then find a time for regular therapy that suits your schedule.  Please contact us directly to find out the code which will match your appointment, so you can determine rebate levels prior to attending your appointment.

Will my private health fund cover the full fee for therapy?

All private health funds are different so we would advise that you contact your health fund directly with the relevant speech pathology codes relating to your assessment and/or therapy sessions.  Your health fund will then be able to give you an estimate of the rebate you will receive ahead of appointments.

Do you have to wait in line at your private health fund – No!

After attending a session at Active Speech, our team will process your private health card to make a claim using our Medipass payment system.  This means, if your health fund covers speech services for your child, you will simply receive an SMS with a link confirming that you’re happy to make a claim and once this is processed, you will be prompted to enter your bank card details (or select from those you already have saved) to pay the gap payment.  It’s that easy!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, by email or calling us on (07) 3103 0776.  We are happy to help!

Need more information?

To read about other funding options (and to see a list of current fees) available at Active Speech Pathology, click on our Fees and Funding page here!

You can also find the full list of speech pathology item codes in the HICAPS item code guides.